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3-Week Beginner Series

Introduction To Yoga

In our 3-week Beginner Yoga Series, you'll learn the foundational poses of yoga, how to connect your breath to movement, and how to flow through any yoga class. This series emphasizes yoga poses and flows that increase flexibility, strength, mobility, and balance.


Our Methodology

Our classes are based on intensity, not levels so you can choose what your body needs day by day.  Each body is built differently, and every pose will look and feel different person to person, day to day. We teach in a way that offers a practice that works for all bodies.


Our goal for this Beginners Series program is to empower people to learn how to practice yoga in their own body and more confident in taking any yoga class at the studio. 

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a breath and movement practice designed to connect the mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga is for every body and can be made accessible to all. Every day, our bodies are different. There are different modifications and expressions for each pose- making it the yogi's choice on what their body needs each day.

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What's Included in the Program

The Beginners Series includes three paths to learning the practice of yoga at Honest Soul Yoga. Within these paths, there are countless opportunities to learn and dive deep into yoga.

3 Beginner Classes at Honest Soul Yoga

Your Beginner Series Classes will be scheduled at the same time and same day for three consecutive weeks. The same instructor will teach the classes each week so they can connect with you, gauge where you're at, learn your specific needs, guide you to progress.

21-Day Unlimited Pass at Honest Soul Yoga 

Your 21 day unlimited pass activates the day of your first Beginner Series class. For three weeks, you can take as many classes at the studio as you'd like. We encourage you to practice as often as you can, and explore all our class formats and different teachers.

Honest Soul Online Beginner Collection

Honest Soul Online is our virtual yoga & fitness platform. This series comes with access to the Honest Soul Online Beginners Collection so that you can practice any time, anywhere, and as much as you'd like to hone in on what you learn in class.

Our classes are organized by intensity, not levels, so students can choose what their body needs each day. We believe there is no right way to do a yoga pose. Each body is built differently, and every pose will look and feel different person to person, day to day.


We teach in a way to speak to the physicality of the practice that
works for all bodies. We respect that each person will be at a different stage in their practice, which is why students feel comfortable at our studio regardless of their ability.

Our goal is to empower our students to find new possibilities!

Intensity, Not Levels

What You'll Learn

You'll gain a basic understanding of yoga. Each week will build on the week before, allowing you to slowly form your practice in segments. This series teaches you different tips, tricks, and modifications of poses and flows so you can curate your practice to your body's needs.


Week 1

Breath and Movement

Breath to movement is what our flow-based practices are built on. Learn proper techniques to breathe and how to incorporate breath into your yoga practice.


Week 2

Warriors and Balance

Building on breath to movement, Learn to ground down and stand tall in Warriors and balancing poses. Find strength, stability, and confidence to land these poses in your flows.


Week 3

Strength and Flexibility

This practice focuses on poses that strengthen the body and improve range of motion. You'll put all you've learned from the series together.

Whether you are:

Brand new & feel you'd be most comfortable in a session where we go over poses in a small group with lots of individualized attention.

Pretty new and feel like you can get the hang of things in a class with yogis that will help show you the ropes.

Or, a seasoned practitioner, and looking to re-learn the basics and set a foundation to deepen your practice.


​This series is for yogis at any stage of their practice.

This Series is for Everyone


No prior
experience needed

Anyone can take this series. Whether you have never practiced or you've been practicing for years, this series sets a foundation. This series is designed for all abilities. No prior experience is needed. It gives the tools to develop and grow a personal practice.

Honest Soul Online Beginners Collection

Honest Soul Online is our virtual yoga & fitness platform that offers on-demand and live classes based on intensity.

This series comes with access to the Honest Soul Online Beginners Series so that you can practice anytime, anywhere, and as much as you'd like to hone in on what you learn in class.


Build confidence in your yoga

practice in just 21 days!

What's Next?

Membership & Class Packs
Complete the program and get 15% off membership or class packs


Monthly Membership

Includes unlimited studio classes at all locations. It also includes access to Honest Soul Online on-demand library and live classes. 

If you take more than two classes per week, the monthly membership is the best value for you.


Class Packs

We have 5, 10, and 20 class packs. Class packs are valid at all locations and never expire. Packs can be shared with family and friends.


If you travel often or take less than two classes per week, class packs are the best option for you.

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Drop Ins

You can take any class, any time with a drop in pass. This pass is the most flexible option. This is also a great option for friends or family.

If you want to drop in whenever, without committing to a class pack, the drop in pass is for you.

Continue Your Practice with
Monthly Introductory Workshops

We offer one Introductory workshop each month. The workshops rotate between Crow, Wheel,  Meditation, Chaturanga, Balance Poses, & Twists and Binds.

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