Doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID19

At Honest Soul Yoga the safety of our teachers and clients is of the highest priority. With the threats caused by the Covid19 pandemic we have overhauled our in-studio procedures to meet and exceed guidelines to slow the spread of this disease. Here is a list of measures being taken. This list is not exhaustive as we are always updating our protocols as new information and guidance from trusted health organizations becomes available.

Reduced prolonged face-to-face exposure. 

  • We are limiting how early clients can enter the space. Please wait patiently until doors lock - no one is admitted early for any reason.

  • Reduce class length. All classes will be 50 Minutes or less to increase the time we have to clean after class, and to reduce prolonged exposure across the board.

  • Reduced schedules. We are operating with smaller schedules than normal to reduce the overall volume of people in the space on any given day.

Enhanced screening processes.

  • Any teacher or client who is experiencing, or lives with someone who is experiencing, symptoms related to Covid is asked to refrain from coming to the studio.

  • Temperature checks are taken upon entry - no exceptions.

Mask Wearing

  • Masks are 100% required upon - absolutely NO exceptions.

  • Masks are required any time a client is not exclusively at their pre-marked socially distant practice space.

  • Any refusal to follow mask protocol, for any reason, will result in removal from the space.

  • Teachers will wear masks to the greatest extent possible when in the space.

Socially Distant Spaces

  • Greatly reduced class capacities ensure that each client in class can enjoy ample social distancing.

  • Adhering to socially distant practice spaces is required.

Enhanced cleaning protocols

  • Teachers wash hands before and after class. 

  • Hand sanitizer is widely available for teacher and client use throughout the space.

  • Common area surfaces are sanitized throughout the day

  • Studio floors are cleaned after every class

  • We have temporarily discontinued the use of heaters during class as added heat increases sweat production. 

  • Limiting bathroom use. Our bathroom access is limited in our spaces and clients are asked to use the restroom as little as possible when in the studio to limit the spread of germs through common surfaces. 

  • In studios that have the ability (and weather permitting) doors to the outside may be left open to encourage continuous fresh airflow. 


  • When possible transactions are touchless (please us the HSY app for your region to conduct class enrollments and purchases)

  • Teachers are no longer offering hands-on assistance

  • When weather allows entry doors are propped open so that clients do not need to touch handles upon entry or exit.

Respect & Kindness

  • With increased stress from the Pandemic also comes a need to reiterate our expectations for respect, patience, and kindness in our space.

  • We have a zero tolerance policy for racist, sexist, bigoted, or discriminatory speech or actions.

  • Any client who does not comply with safety protocols will be asked to leave.

  • We ask for patience from all people in our spaces when it comes to navigating enhanced Covid19  protocols and account-related questions that have arisen due to the pandemic; this includes interactions at the front desk, throughout the studio, over email, or on the phone.

Again, this list is not exhaustive, as we are always adjusting and refining our protocols as new information becomes available. Our goal is to uphold the health of our team, and the health of our clients healthy, to the best of our ability.