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Yoga in real life.

In real life the body, mind and spirit need variety, challenge, and rest.  

Science and Soul dance together in our movement and meditation classes organized by intensity and pace (not levels)  for a Yoga experience that supports a stronger body, happier heart, and more awakened living.  

Join a community that celebrates your beautiful, genuine, every day life.  

Classes organized by intensity (not levels).


Creative. Intentional. Deeper Flow.

Turn up the intensity and the pace. This format features creative sequencing that allows you to dive into an aspect of your physical movement practice, and celebrate moving meditation. Explore new asana (poses), sequencing, breathwork, and deeper yoga concepts.

90-95 Degrees


Upbeat. Classic Power Flow.

Journey through a sequence arc that gives nod to our power yoga roots, with a few special changes offered by each instructor. You will stretch and strengthen every major joint, move and groove, sweat and celebrate, and then chill out in a relaxing lengthy savasana.

80 - 85 Degrees

Slow Burn

Intense Flow at a Slow & Steady Pace.

Build a big sweat through a slow flow that features longer holds in heat-building postures. This class builds a stable, and fluid body and stimulates physical and mental endurance. Leave feeling empowered and refreshed.

95 Degrees

Movement & Meditation

Half Flow. Half Meditation.

Easy-going flow followed by an extended meditation. Meditation may vary between silent meditation, singing bowl meditation, or guided meditation, and encourages a deeply restful savasana.

75-80 Degrees

Chill Flow

Gentle Flowing Movement.

Low-key flow that emphasizes gentle movements to refresh the body with low impact and low intensity. This is a great class when you need to move and want to take it easy.

75-80 Degrees

Yin + Restore

Love your joints. Relax your mind.

Explore Yin poses for a deep release, in a restorative fashion. . Experience deep releases along with gentle fluid movement, breath work and meditative guidance to support deep rest. End class in a lengthy, savasana, and leave blissed out.

75-80 Degrees


Fun. Functional. Fierce!

This flow inspired fitness class incorporates resistance with dumbbells and body weights to build a long, lean muscles, and build strength & endurance. Sweat it out to an upbeat playlist curated by your teacher.

75-80 Degrees


Stable. Strong. Sweaty!

This flow + mat pilates class creates deep stabilization. While every class is uniquely programmed by the instructor ample time is spent strengthening, and toning legs, glutes, abs and more. Get motivated by an upbeat playlist and feel the burn.

80 Degrees