Formats organized by intensity (not levels).

In real life the body, mind and spirit need variety, challenge, and rest.  


Science and Soul dance together in our movement and meditation classes organized by intensity and pace (not levels)  for a Yoga experience that supports a stronger body, happier heart, and more awakened living.  

Join a community that celebrates your beautiful, genuine, every day life.  


Creative. Sweaty. Deeper flow.

Turn up the intensity and the pace.

This format features creative sequencing that allows you to dive into an aspect of your physical movement practice, and celebrate moving meditation. Explore new asana (poses), sequencing, breathwork, and deeper yoga concepts to strengthen your connection to Yoga. 

Our Transform classes are heated to 85-90 degrees, with playlists and sequences curated by each teacher. 


Yoga-Inspired Cardio class with Fitness & HIIT Moves

Your heart is the heart of this class.Kick up the pace with cardio bursts, body-weight strengthening moves inspired by yoga poses, and core stabilizing exercises set to a rocking playlists for a healthy heart, strong body, and happy soul! Every instructor will include ways to edit or embellish each move so you can customize your practice for your needs. Get ready to sweat with the music is way up. No added heat.


Intense long holds. Slow and steady pace.

Flow slow with longer holds in heat-building postures. In this class we build a strong, stable, and fluid body in poses that increase endurance and stimulate physical and mental resilience. You'll leave feeling empowered and refreshed. Classes are heated to 85-90 degrees with sequences and playlists curated by the teacher. 


Warm. Upbeat. Classic power flow.

Journey through a sequence arc that gives nod to our power yoga roots, with a few special changes offered by each instructor.You will stretch and strengthen every major joint, move and groove, sweat and celebrate, and then chill out in a relaxing lengthy savasana. Our room is gently warmed to 80-85 degrees, and the flow is set to music with playlists curated by each teacher.  


Easy-Going Flow Followed by Restoration and Meditation.

Move energy through the body with a gentle, easy-going flow and follow it up with restoration through long-held seated poses or a guided meditation. You'll leave feeling physically refreshed and mentally renewed. Classes are not warm and teachers determine the sequence. Every teacher also brings in their own meditation style through sound meditation (such as chanting, instruments, or singing bowls), guided meditation, or restorative asana and breath work. 


Long holds in stillness. Gentle release. Lots of props.

Love on your joints. Relax your mind.  Explore Yin poses for a deep release, in a restorative fashion. You're welcome to add as much or at little propping as your body desires. In class deep holds are often followed up with with gentle counterbalancing and time for intuitive movement to give the body and mind room for authentic expression. Long restorative poses are coupled with breath work or meditative guidance to support deep rest. End class in a lengthy, drool-worthy savasana, and leave blissed out.